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Empowering People with Financial Knowledge

My Story

I'm just an average accountant at best - I didn't go to the Wharton School of Business, nor have I completed an MBA from a reputable school for that matter. What I do have is years of experience working in the financial planning area for a wide range of industries including the government, auto manufacturing, telecommunication and mutual funds. While it's difficult to say that my experiences have directly contributed to my personal financial knowledge, they have allowed me to gain a wider field of view.

Understanding how businesses operate and grow made me more curious about how individuals would achieve the same results that any other corporations would have on a regular basis. After years of searching, I realized that the key to financial success is within our very own lives. Our lifestyles define the way we perceive and consume money, and how we plan for our ultimate goal to be financially independent. It takes prudence and persistent mentality to have complete control of our money - this, I'm constantly striving to claim myself as the winner.

In the new era of investing, social presence is having a huge impact on the way we think as investors. Some are good, while others simply speak out with noticeable conflicts of interest. The purpose of 'Investing Lifestyle' is to create an environment where investors from all over the world can learn and thrive without any unnecessary barriers. As you delve deeper, I hope that you can share a similar philosophy to the one that I have engraved here. 

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How I Started My 'Investing Lifestyle' Journey

Shifting my focus away from the societal norm to my core values.

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Many people assume that all accountants are great with money. The truth is that they are just like every other people - having accounting or financial knowledge doesn't automatically make them money gurus. We spent years educating ourselves on how to make the wealthy - wealthier, but none of these focus was shifted towards making ourselves financially successful. When I started off my career in the accounting field, I was lost. I went on a spending spree, not knowing where my money was going, but I was still very interested in turning this around. I had the knowledge to excel in personal finance, but I didn't utilize my skillsets properly.

After couple of years into my career, I started realizing that I wasn't making any progress. Don't get me wrong, my career was off to a great start, but I was severely lacking in my financials. This is because I spent too much time and my attention on developing my career - or at least, that's what the society taught me to be successful. Over time, it became very clear to me that a prosperous career doesn't always align with financial well-being - you will see many executives and management staffs struggling to make their ends meet. Once I shifted my focus to developing a financial plan with a clear vision on how I should build my life around money, I started seeing a different future ahead of me. My future became even more transparent as I started to accumulate my financial wealth, and I was able to focus on the values that mattered to me the most. Sure, there were some hurdles on the way - Instagram and LinkedIn to name a few, but sticking with my philosophy was worth it.

The main concerns with this vision were the "what if's" of losing track of my career goals, and having a relaxed mind while my peers are desperately working to climb the social ladder. None of these became an issue to me. I was even more motivated and driven with my career goals because I would choose the roles that I find much more engaging without the 'social' or 'money' factors. This positivity grew and people around me started to take notice. More and more people were curious about how I was able to achieve this, which prompted me to create the "investing lifestyle".

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