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New 2022
Budget Tool

Bring your financial dreams to life by gaining ultimate control of your cash flow.

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I hear you, budgets are a pain to do...
but what if I told you there's a way to do it 1000 times better?

Well, it's time to scrap your old budgeting tool, because let me break the news for you - they wouldn't give a jack about whether you can or can't reach your goal. They are designed to keep you blind, and make you hopelessly scrape by each month, claiming that penny pinching to glory is the only way.

It's time to change that.

The main problem with modern budgeting tools is that they are missing an key element in the process of reaching your financial freedom: the vision. The expensive coffees that we buy every morning, and the dine-outs that we have every Friday - how do they really impact our financial future? How much can we really afford to spend, while keeping in route with our goals? This tool is designed to answer these questions, and provide you with the best view of yourself and the future you, enabling you to take ultimate control of your money instead of chasing it.

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Personal Finance Schedule - 2022 version

Includes guides and samples to get you started.

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